Workers' Compensation

When an employee is injured at work or on the job, workers’ compensation may provide them with benefits, rehabilitation or even supplemental income if deemed appropriate. Ultimately, these benefits are purposed to help a worker return to their job. Yet, there are many questions surrounding workers’ compensation, beginning with when to file a claim and how…

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Your Construction Defect Claim

Home in Augusta GA Under ConstructionWhile no new construction project is perfect, there is an expectation on behalf of the buyer to have work performed in a reasonable manner. Thus, when there is a failure to construct or oversee the construction of a building in a way that causes it to fail, a buyer might be able to file a construction…

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning Worksheet with Glasses on TopThough many assume that estate planning begins and ends with a last will and testament, there are numerous responsibilities and tasks that an estate-planning attorney takes on. This includes drafting living trusts and developing plans to mitigate or avoid estate taxes. The estate-planning attorney also handles one’s life savings and assets, specifically…

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Defend Your Business With Employment Law

When it comes to employment law, one is perhaps more inclined to think of the rights of employees. Yet, the rights and responsibilities of employers are equally important, as they are given the right to appoint and dismiss workers in accordance with proper procedures and to expect reasonable performance from employees (

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Avoid The Courtroom With Collaborative Law

Woman Sitting in Window SillBy all accounts, divorce is difficult, as couples face life-altering decisions relating to child custody, support and property division. Yet, when parties are willing to forego the attitude of "fight and win," Find Law explains…

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