Bankruptcy FAQ: Should I Retain The Services Of A Debt Consolidation Company?

Augusta GA Layer to Help with Debt ConsolidationWhen faced with the misfortune of filing for bankruptcy, individuals and families search for strategies to manage their debt. With a rise in popularity, debt consolidation companies promote the simplicity of combining debt, while protecting one's credit rating. Yet, these relationships…

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Workers’ Compensation: The Grand Bargain

Augusta GA Litigation LawyersFor the injured employee, workers’ compensation coverage has provided welcome relief from many work-related accidents and hazards. Though employees once had limited options following a work-related injury, laws now obligate employers to provide benefits. For this reason, The Balance online forum reports that workers’ compensation…

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Injured On The Job?

Augusta GA Personal Injury LawyersWhen it comes to individuals’ rights under the law, few understand the value on their rights until they are in a position to seek answers. Such is the case with Workers’ Compensation law. While most people realize that their employer should pay their medical bills if they are injured on the job, few…

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"On Their Deathbed" - The Truth About Deathbed Wills

Augusta GA Lawyer to Draft WillsChances are, you’ve heard the phrase “on their deathbed,” which usually refers to someone that is terminally ill and near death. Depending on the circumstances surrounding an individual’s illness, as well as family dynamics, he or she may be without a formal will to divide his or her assets at the time of death. When this is the case, a deathbed will might be drafted. Yet, the truth is—deathbed wills can be risky,…

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Delayed Diagnosis

Augusta GA Lawyers for Medical MisdiagnosisWhether you are visiting your physician due to illness, or you are preparing for a planned surgery, you place an extraordinary amount of trust in your doctor and the care you’ll receive. Consider the following scenario—imagine that during a routine examination, a radiologist performs x-rays prior to an operation. The x-rays reveal a nodule on the lung that concerns the radiologist. In turn,…

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