Grandparents' Rights

Many families agree that the grandparent-grandchild relationship is a cherished one, and a source of happiness for both. Unfortunately, when circumstances change the dynamics of a family, grandparents are among those affected. While the state of Georgia values the relationship between grandparent and grandchild, grandparents’ rights remain complex, and specifics are awarded on a case-by-case basis. Thus, if you are a grandparent, and your ability to spend time with your grandchild has been…

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What is Undue Influence?

Augusta GA LawyersWhen individuals contest or challenge a will, undue influence is perhaps the biggest reason why. This is a claim that someone manipulated or used an unfair advantage over a person making a will. In most cases, the person influencing the other is a close acquaintance or trusted family member. Because the person making the will is often ill or lacks the mental competency to make decisions associated with their will, they are completely dependent upon…

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Finding Resolution For Your Business Dispute

Augusta GA Business Litigation LawyersWithout question, operating a business of any kind necessitates policies and procedures that consider day-to-day processes, interactions among employees, and transactions that take place. Even so, it is virtually impossible to prevent your business from some type of dispute, whether it’s a contract disagreement, employment claim, or business claim. The good news concerning

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Workers Compensation: The Exception to The Rule

Augusta GA Lawyers for Workman's CompFor employers, the workers’ compensation system is simply a trade-off, as employees relinquish their right to sue in exchange for receiving workers’ compensation benefits. In the majority of cases, this system is a win-win, because employers are protected from having to deal with complicated personal injury claims, while employees receive some assistance in the aftermath of their injury. While the idea is that…

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What Does A ‘Means Test’ Mean To You?

When you hear the word ‘test’ it usually doesn’t give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Typically, when faced with a test of any sort, a physical reaction of sweat, stress, headache and fear sets in. When faced with a potential Chapter 7 bankruptcy debt liquidation filing, you will come to a time for something called a Means Test. New laws have made it necessary for a debtor to take a Means Test to determine if you are…

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