Spinal Cord Injury: Compensation For Pain

Did you know? Nearly 300,000 Americans are living with a spinal cord injury. Whether you’ve suffered from an automobile accident, sports accident, or if you’ve been a victim of violence, the enormity of this type of injury will affect you in various ways for the rest of your life. It may even result in death. That’s why it’s important to know—if you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury due to another’s negligence, an experienced attorney may be able to help you receive compensation…

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Identity Theft: An Ever-Increasing Threat

With nearly 15 million victims each year, and losses totaling close to $50 billion, the level of sophistication in Identity Theft is increasing. As if these numbers are not astounding enough, there are an additional 100 million Americans whose personal information is obtained each year due to database errors or computer hacking. Without a doubt—Identify Theft is the most costly and prevalent crime in the United States. Thus, as the holiday season approaches, there is an ever-increasing…

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Misconceptions About Misdemeanors

When it comes to misdemeanors, there is a wide-range of public perceptions, and many are riddled with misunderstandings. While a misdemeanor is, in fact, less serious than a felony crime, it remains a criminal offense, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. In general, there are three common misconceptions about misdemeanors.

They Are Only A Minor Offense

When someone reads that a misdemeanor is “only a minor offense,” there’s an assumption that it’s…

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Understanding Probation

As a result of a conviction in a criminal case, people are sometimes granted a break, or probation, rather than serve jail time. Simply put, probation places individuals under the watchful eye of the court or probation officer. The terms of a person’s probation varies from case to case, and violating those terms often results in going to jail. You may be wondering—why do some individuals receive jail time, while…

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The Eviction Process

When a landlord files for a dispossessory action, or eviction, misunderstandings relating to the eviction process can easily lead to a nasty dispute. While the thought of “kicking someone out onto the street” may seem harsh, familiarity with the renter’s lease agreement and requirements for filing for eviction can benefit both parties.

If You Don’t Pay, You Don’t Stay

If you are a renter, you have an important responsibility—read your lease agreement. Essentially,…

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