DUI Pitfalls

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  • Do not ignore your DUI case. If you do you risk the loss of your license and jail time. Other things, such as criminal charges, may happen if you ignore you DUI case: you might lose your job, harm your credit, be refused a car rent and have higher insurance premiums.
  • Many people try to represent themselves thinking they can simply talk their way out of the situation. The police officer and the prosecutor are trained in this area of the law. Representing yourself virtually ensures a conviction.
  • Many people wait to their court date to contact a DUI lawyer. If you wait to then, your attorney may not have a chance to prepare for your case. Hiring a DUI attorney will not guarantee a win, but will substantially increase your probability for an acquittal or an acceptable plea agreement.
  • Many people fail to request a hearing from the Georgia Department of Public Safety within the time required by law.
  • Many people listen to their friends who are happy to give legal advice about how to get out of a case.
  • Individuals often fail to show up for court thinking that they can simply reschedule when it is convenient for them. If you fail to appear the judge may issue a warrant for your arrest and the bond you posted may be forfeited.
  • Sometimes people try to work out or negotiate a plea in their own case. There could be adverse consequences if you enter a plea without knowing the ramifications of what a plea means to your record.
  • If you were in an accident and give a statement to an insurance adjustor, the statement may be admissible in court.

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