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Theft by shoplifting occurs when you take merchandise from a retail establishment without intending to pay for it or by depriving the owner of all or some of its value Shoplifting can occur in several different ways such as concealing the item in some manner, altering or swapping price tags, or transfer the merchandize from one container to another and can result in criminal charges.


The penalties for shoplifting vary depending on the value of the property taken or prior convictions.

Shoplifting is a misdemeanor when the value of the merchandise is $300.00 or less. Shoplifting is a felony when the value of the merchandise exceeds $300.00, or this is your fourth shoplifting offense even if the value of the merchandise is $300.00 or less; or you have taken property with a total value of $100.00 from 3 different stores in the same county within 7 days.

Felony shoplifting is a 1-10 year offense. Note that if you are convicted of a fourth shoplifting offense, that is also a felony for which you must do at least one year in jail.

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