Related Person (Relative) Adoptions

Step-Parent Adoptions: These adoptions typically take place when a child's non-custodial biological parent is dead or has virtually no relationship with the child and is uninterested in developing one. The custodial step-parent lives with the child and has already established a relationship with the child and wishes to adopt the child. These cases are the less complicated, and primarily involve proving that the non-custodial parent is dead or terminated of his or her parental rights, then petitioning the court for adoption.

Adoption by a step-parent is not a complicated procedure, and it can be very meaningful for the parents and the child. It gives the child all the rights of a birth child and provides the adoptive parent all of the rights and obligations of a birth parent.

Extended Family and Grandparent Adoptions: There are several situations when grandparents or other family members seek to adopt a child. Grandparents frequently adopt grandchildren when a child's parents have died or are in prison. In some instances, one custodial parent has died or is incapacitated, and they do not want the other birth parent to have custody. The Grandparents then seek a contested adoption. Sometimes, a grandparent will contest an adoption or seek to adopt when a birth mother is planning to place her child—their grandchild—for independent adoption with a third party. Finally, when children have been permanently removed from their parents' care by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) due to abuse or neglect, grandparents or extended family members may choose to adopt the children.

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